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Here at CHECKPRINT, we firmly believe that people’s lives should not be complicated by inconveniences such as going to the bank to request a check or dealing with old-fashion checkbooks.

That’s why CHECKPRINT now presents a digital tool that can be used for creating, customizing, and printing checks. Suntrust Bank check printing has never been easier. Are you ready to try it out?

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What You Can Expect From CHECKPRINT

Although checks remain a popular process for doing financial transactions, they have become lackluster in keeping up with progress. That is why our team decided to create CHECKPRINT. It is an excellent tool and convenient alternative to the archaic practice of using checkbooks. Our online platform makes the process of creating printed checks as trivial as using a credit card.

All the checks generated via CHECKPRINT are 100% accepted in more than 8,000 US banks. Moreover, accountants, entrepreneurs, and anyone who regularly deals with checks can use this tool to create valid checks themselves with no effort at all!

CHECKPRINT is available for both desktop and mobile platforms while providing you with the best functionality that includes:
  • Unlimited check creation;
  • Wide selection of check types, including blank, standard, void, personal, and business ones;
  • Printing checks on the traditional white and blank check paper;
  • Clear and understandable fees;
  • Account storage of your generated checks;
  • Check customization.

How to Print Suntrust Bank Checks Using CHECKPRINT

Our team designed CHECKPRINT with customer convenience in mind. Using this tool, you can print Suntrust Bank checks at home, office, or other locations. What’s more, you can use any printer. It only takes three simple steps!
Unlike the majority of other banking services, there is no need to download any app. You can use it online. Just fill out the form with your name, email address, and password to register. Then, you’ll receive a link for your account verification.
Bank Account Information

A check should contain the payer’s bank account information. When using CHECKPRINT, you can easily save all the bank credentials instead of entering and checking them each time you generate a check. Our platform will automatically add your bank information once you choose the appropriate account.

Setting up an account is rather simple – you need to fill out a form specifying the account nickname, Suntrust Bank routing number, and your account number.

This form also provides additional voluntary fields for adding details such as bank name and address, account fraction, and even logo. While these fields are optional, they can make your checks look more professional.

Creating a Check and Printing It

After registering and entering your bank information, it is possible to generate and print Suntrust Bank checks online easily. Fill out the simple form provided and save your check.

The next step is to preview the check and select the bank account and stock type. After doing so, you will be provided with several options – print, email, or save your check as a printable PDF file.

Why You Should Use CHECKPRINT

More than 100,000 clients across the US have decided to go with CHECKPRINT. Wondering why? The answer is pretty simple — because of its benefits. This tool generates a check in less than 10 seconds. Moreover, all generated checks are 100% compliant with the US bank standards.
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Simplicity Equals Convenience
Our web app is as intuitive to use as it comes. Users are guided through the whole process of check generation that is supported by easy-to-follow guidelines.
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We provide you with monthly and yearly subscriptions as well as individual credits. There are no hidden fees, so there’s no need to worry about some elusive paid service.
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Data Safety
We recognize the importance of your privacy. Your account is protected with two-factor authentication. What’s more, each transaction is processed via the Stripe payment system for maximum security.
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You can create a check online from Suntrust Bank in a matter of minutes. There is no need to queue at the bank or carry checkbooks with you.
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Smooth and intuitive interface of the web app
Seconds to create your first check!

Our Clients’ Feedback

jolyne k.
Jolyne K.
“Getting all the paperwork done is a pain. However, after finding out about CHECKPRINT, I was able to optimize my workflow and make valid checks for my employees in seconds. This service frees up lots of time for other important things!”
joseph j.
Joseph J.
Chief Executive Officer
“As the owner of a small real estate business, I found CHECKPRINT to be a lifesaver. I can print checks on demand and avoid unnecessary hassles that take time from my two employees and me. What’s more, my employees said they now want to get paid with checks. So I use this tool to generate payroll checks as well.”
jonathan z.
Jonathan Z.
Financial Advisor
“My job requires me to give sound advice to my clients. After discovering CHECKPRINT, I greatly increased my productivity. I do not order checks from banks anymore and don’t use old-school checkbooks. I recommend this service to my colleagues to save time as this tool is really helpful for any person who deals with lots of paperwork daily.”
bethany s
Bethany S.
School Teacher
“Although I’m not in frequent need of checks, I use CHECKPRINT for routine payments. It saves time and money since I don’t have to drive to a bank and wait in line. I simply generate checks using my phone.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any unanswered questions or are not fully aware of how CHECKPRINT works in general or with Suntrust Bank checks specifically, here is a list of the most popular questions and answers. We hope that they will help you.
How can I print a check from Suntrust Bank?
Our service works with every type of commercially available printer. You simply need to link your device to the printer and print it using blank paper or check stock.
What about my credit card? Will it be saved?
It depends on the payment method you choose. If you decide to go with an individual payment plan, saving your payment card details is unnecessary. However, if you stick to the monthly or yearly payment plan, your card will be automatically linked to the account.
Am I able to change the information in a check after I generated a preview?
Yes, you can. All you need to do is to go to the documents section and choose to edit the check. Once you do it, regenerate your check. You can also change your check format, selecting the top, middle, or bottom template.
Does CHECKPRINT save my checks?
It definitely does. But keep in mind that free users have their checks saved for 30 days while paid subscription users have unlimited access to their checks.
I’m not aware of the recipient’s information. Can I make a check?
You definitely can. You can just enter your information and print the check – other fields required by a recipient will be empty.
How many bank accounts can I set up?
CHECKPRINT supports multiple bank accounts (from 1 to 10). The number depends on the precinct plan you choose.

Other Things From CHECKPRINT

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