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We are ready to provide our clients with the best ready-made solution to customize bank settlements, create America First Credit Union checks, and eliminate money spent buying checkbooks. Now it is possible to do it in a matter of minutes and in a way that suits you!

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Why You Should Choose CHECKPRINT

The ability to instantly and conveniently pay for goods and services or get paid is a must-have in today’s society. However, writing multiple checks can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful.

CHECKPRINT aims to change the situation for the better. We offer our clients the option of printing checks in seconds in the required format. Now it is as convenient as using a credit card or any modern payment tool.

CHECKPRINT is a convenient and functional online platform for creating checks instantly for personal or business-related purposes. Our clients can generate checks that are 100% valid in over 8,000 American banks.

The process is easy and stress-free due to the following benefits:
  • Creating as many checks as necessary;
  • Using the most appropriate printing option (blank check paper and ordinary white paperwork work equally well);
  • Customize checks in various formats, all guaranteed bank-approved;
  • Transparent fees;
  • Maximum account security thanks to double verification.

How to Print America First Credit Union Checks at Home Using CHECKPRINT

Managing your check-printing with the help of our application is intuitively clear and not difficult at all. It is as simple as using a credit card or any payment tool. Get acquainted with the web app from the following step-by-step guide.
Start With the Registration
Using CHECKPRINT with your device doesn’t require any special registration or downloading the application. Though, it is necessary to complete the registration form and to fill in the required data.
Fill in the Bank Account Info

CHECKPRINT allows auto-filling the bank information to your account to use this info every time you create the check. To begin the process, fill out the form providing your:

  • Account Nickname
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number

CHECKPRINT also allows clients to add the bank's address, name, the company’s logo, and account fraction if they choose. A more customized check design makes the checks look more professional for your business partners.

Creating the America First Credit Union Check

CHECKPRINT allows you to create blank and standard checks. To begin, fill out the form we provide. After you've provided all the required data, your check will be saved.

Every check you create can be previewed before you print it. You'll have to select your account and check type, then choose what you want to do with your check. You can either print it, send it by email, or save it as a PDF file.

Reasons to Choose CHECKPRINT

Printing out personal and business checks is the basic priority for our clients. Though, there are also many other benefits of the CHECKPRINT service.
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Fast Result
The check-printing process is fast and effortless with CHECKPRINT. There is no need to wait for the checks from the bank, as you have this turnkey solution and can print the appropriate check in just a few minutes.
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Comfort and Convenience
One of the biggest priorities for CHECKPRINT is constantly making our users’ experience better. Therefore, the app is convenient and easy to cooperate with, and it is possible to use any printer and paper to get high-quality checks.
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Fair and Affordable Price
CHECKPRINT delivers high-quality service for a fair price. Users can choose the most appropriate payment plan and use the application for an affordable price with no hidden fees or additional payments.
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Security of Personal Data
Our clients’ personal data security is a top priority. That’s why even free CHECKPRINT accounts are strictly protected and get the double authentication process.
Clients in the USA
Smooth and intuitive interface of the web app
Seconds to create your first check!

What Clients Say About Us

benjamin c.
Benjamin C.
Car rental business owner
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“I am an old-school businessman, so handling bank checks in the traditional form was quite common and familiar. But time and technology do not stand still. I was forced to look for an alternative for successful daily operations. And the CHECKPRINT application became a panacea for me, as it deprived many unnecessary actions. I do not order checkbooks anymore.”
gloria e.
Gloria E.
Real estate consultant
client stars
“The app works great. I immediately experienced many benefits working with it. It is really convenient and trustworthy. I highly recommend CHECKPRINT to anyone who values their time and money.”
joshuah t.
Joshuah T.
Restaurant owner
client stars
“I really appreciate the comfort and ease of using the CHECKPRINT app. In the past, the mere thought of writing checks and dealing with the state banking system caused a mild panic attack. Now the situation has changed radically.”
natalie i.
Natalie I.
Private coach
client stars
“One of the main advantages of using this application for me personally was not needing to visit banks as often anymore. Now I feel more confident and free, and I do not waste time on meaningless visits to the bank.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about the work of the CHECKPRINT service but didn’t get the answers from the guide - read our list of most frequently asked questions from our users and make your opinion clear!
Can I use my office printer to create a check from America First Credit Union?
Sure, you can! It is possible to use any printer and material to get high-quality checks. Connect your printing device, fill it with plain white paper or blank check stock, and print your check.
Can I edit the check before printing?
Sure, you can! Changes and updates are available until the check is printed. To edit any info on your check, use the "Edit Fields" button.
Can I create a check without the recipient's information?
Sure, you can! CHECKPRINT allows you to make a customized blank check with the date and the number of the check. And this type of check will also be approved.
Can I save and see the history of the checks?
All checks are stored in your account history. Checks are saved for 30 days for free users and indefinitely for the subscribers.
My employees want to get paid with checks. Will I be able to use CHECKPRINT for that?
Sure! Our checks are 100% valid and accepted in over 8,000 American banks.

Other Things From CHECKPRINT

CHECKPRINT is ready to provide high-quality services and more. Learn the links below to get the best service and enjoy its convenience.