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From now on, you can print Bank of America checks at home, at the office, wherever there’s a printer. There is no need to request checks from banks and wait for them to be delivered or buy old-style checkbooks and fill out your checks manually.

Do it online with CHECKPRINT and see your time and money saved. Ready to give it a try?

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What You Can Expect From CHECKPRINT

Online banking and money transfer apps can’t completely replace checks. It’s still one of the most popular ways to make payments and get paid. However, with technological advancements and the accelerated pace of life, the check-writing process has also changed.

Today, people who value their time and money do not order checks from banks and do not buy checkbooks. Instead, they switch to more efficient alternatives. CHECKPRINT is one of them!

This online platform generates quality personal and business checks that are 100% accepted by more than 8000 US banks, including Bank of America. The tool works equally well for accountants, entrepreneurs, individuals, and all those who deal with checks every day or occasionally.

Being available for desktop and mobile, CHECKPRINT allows you to:
  • Create unlimited standard, blank, and voided checks;
  • Generate a check in 10 seconds;
  • Customize your checks by choosing a suitable top, middle, or bottom template, adding logos, etc.;
  • Print your checks from any printer on both simple white and blank check paper, keeping the same validity;
  • Sign up for free and choose a pricing plan that suits your needs later;
  • Store all generated checks in your account and easily track your payments; and more.

How to Print Bank of America Checks With CHECKPRINT

To generate your first Bank of America check, follow the 3 simple steps described below. Since CHECKPRINT was designed as a client-oriented tool that ensures a seamless check-writing experience, it should not take you much time or effort.
Most online tools require their users to register. CHECKPRINT is no exception. However, creating a CHECKPRINT account is as simple as ABC. The user needs to fill out the form and go through email verification. That’s all.
Enter Bank Details

Each check must contain the payer’s bank information. Using CHECKPRINT, you can add this data once instead of writing it each time on each check.

To set up your bank account, you need to fill out a form and specify the Bank of America routing number, account number, and nickname.

Additionally, you can add your name for personal checks, the company name and logo for business checks, the bank name and address, and account fraction. These fields are optional, but detailed information will make your check look more professional.

Build Your Check And Print It

Once you have registered and added the bank information, you can generate and print Bank of America checks online. First, choose the check type: standard, blank or voided. Then, provide check values and save your document.

Finally, you should generate a preview, decide on the check format (top, middle, bottom), and select a bank account from the drop-down. That’s all! You can print your check on blank check stock or white paper, save it in PDF, or send it by email in a few clicks!

Why You Should Choose CHECKPRINT

Over 100,000 clients across the USA have already chosen CHECKPRINT, making it one of the most popular check writers on the market. This tool is designed to generate checks for personal and business needs in 10 seconds that comply with bank standards and are 100% valid. However, it’s not the only reason why CHECHPRINT is #1. Some other CHECKPRINT’s benefits include:
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CHECKPRINT cares about clients’ safety. That’s why we protect your account and personal data with two-factor authentication. Moreover, all transactions are processed by the Stripe payment system that offers a high level of security.
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CHECKPRINT is a 100% user-friendly web app. It has a straightforward interface that guides users through the whole process of check generation, providing clear instructions.
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CHECKPRINT offers several pricing plans, including monthly or yearly subscriptions and pay-per-check credits. Regardless of the option you choose, you won’t be charged with additional hidden fees. Moreover, you will save a pretty penny on buying checkbooks.
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CHECKPRINT automates and optimizes the check-writing process, saving you time. It’s essential for business owners and accountants, who write hundreds of checks per day.
Clients in the USA
Smooth and intuitive interface of the web app
Seconds to create your first check!

What Clients Say About Us

doris j.
Doris J.
Company owner
client stars
“I like that I can use CHECKPRINT on my phone. It is very convenient because I take it with me wherever I go. So I can generate a check anytime, anywhere. And even if I’m not near a printer to print it, I can email my check.”
william a.
William A.
Financial advisor
client stars
“I have been using CHECKPRINT for six months now and will gladly recommend it to my clients. This tool quickly creates checks and stores already-generated documents in the account (forever!!!). Thus, neither me nor my clients need to go through paperwork and old checkbooks to track expenses.”
charles p.
Charles P.
client stars
“With CHECKPRINT, I get my checks printed in seconds, which is great because I don’t like financial paperwork. It’s too stressful for me. Now my check-writing has turned into several clicks.”
minnie h.
Minnie H.
client stars
“CHECKPRINT is the best on-demand check-writer I have used. Even though I only use a few checks per month, it still helps me a lot. In addition to standard checks, I can create blank and voided ones. Moreover, it takes me less than a minute to print them.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about the platform or Bank of America check printing services? We’ve answered the most popular ones, and we hope this information will help you get a complete picture.
How many Bank of America accounts can I create in CHECKPRINT?
CHECKPRINT supports multiple bank accounts. The number varies depending on the pricing plan you choose, from 1 to 10.
Can I print a check from Bank of America just to share my bank account details?
Of course. Usually, such checks should be voided so that the bearer can’t use them to withdraw money from your account. To void a check, you should mark the “Void” checkbox when creating your document.
Will my credit card be saved in my account?
If you choose a monthly or yearly subscription, your payment card will be linked to your account, and money will be debited automatically according to the selected pricing plan. Buying credits is a one-time payment, so saving payment details is not required. If you decide to create a free account, you won’t even need a card.
Will my checks have a MICR line?
Yes. Your account number and bank routing number will be typed using MICR font.
Can I edit the information if I’ve already generated a check preview?
Absolutely. You should go to your account and choose the check you want to edit. Once you make all the changes needed, regenerate your document. Although you can make as many changes as needed, checking data in advance will save you time.

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