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Checks aren’t outdated but upgraded. CHECKPRINT has taken checks to the next level by digitizing the process. This easy-to-use instrument allows you to generate and print Citibank checks, as well as those from 8000+ other American banks, in seconds.

And you can do it anytime and anywhere! Sounds modern, doesn’t it?

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CHECKPRINT’s Features for You

Americans began paying with checks at the end of the 17th century. But, more importantly, they still use them today. For example, millennials pay with checks almost three times more often than via mobile payment platforms. Now, can you imagine how many people worldwide, particularly in the USA, still use this payment method?

But even something as traditional as checks must follow modern trends. And CHECKPRINT contributes to it.

This tool is designed to turn the check-writing we are used to into the one we deserve. Using CHECKPRINT, you can create, save, print, and email your checks in just a few clicks, saving your time, energy, and money. It can help you forget about buying checkbooks, ordering checks from banks, waiting for delivery, and many other traditional check-related things from the past.

With CHECKPRINT, you can:
  • Generate standard, blank, and voided checks for personal and business needs;
  • Create as many checks as you need;
  • Add multiple bank accounts;
  • Choose suitable stock type and add logos;
  • Print your checks on blank check paper, ordinary white paper, or company letterheads;
  • Review all the checks you create and edit them in your account;
  • Select a relevant pricing plan and switch it on demand.

This list will continue to grow because CHECKPRINT strives to provide high-quality services to meet each client’s needs.

How to Print Your Own Citibank Checks With CHECKPRINT

Given that CHECKPRINT is 100% user-oriented, building and printing your first Citibank check won’t take you much time and effort. Typically, it takes less than a minute to do it the first time.
Sign up
CHECKPRINT registration is pretty simple. You just need to fill out a form providing your name and email address. You should also create a strong password to access your account. Once done, you’ll get a link to the email you indicated for account verification.
Add bank account

This step is as simple as the previous one. You need to provide your bank details, including Citibank’s routing number and your account number. You must also specify an account nickname so that in the future, you can simply choose the relevant account when creating your check.

You can add your name, bank name and full address, and account fraction if you choose. Clients who own or represent a business have the opportunity to add the company name and logo.

Generate your check and print it

The real check-creation starts now, and it’s easier than the previous two steps. You choose the check type and provide the check details (check date and number, payee, and amount). Once you confirm the data, your check will be saved.

To print it, you need to select the top, middle, or bottom stock format and the account nickname mentioned above. That’s all! Send your ready-made check to a printer, save it as a PDF, or send it by email.


Before saying yes to anything, it’s crucial to understand why. There’s a simple answer to the question, “Why is CHECKPRINT the best option to print Citibank checks online.” Because its benefits justify it, what’s more, they also make CHECKPRINT a perfect solution for generating and printing checks from other banks.
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Creating a check using CHECKPRINT takes less than 10 seconds. Thanks to the easy-to-use editor, you just need several clicks to get your check ready for printing. Doing it online is much faster than filling out a checkbook or waiting for a check ordered from the bank to be delivered.
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With CHECKPRINT, you can choose a pricing plan that suits your needs. If you use checks regularly, you can buy an affordable monthly or yearly subscription. If you need checks occasionally, you can purchase pay-per-check credits. Moreover, once you decide to switch your pricing plan, you can do it at no additional cost.
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To protect your account, CHECKPRINT uses a two-factor authentication system. This extra security level means that only you can access your account. Moreover, all payments are processed by the reliable Stripe payment system.
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CHECKPRINT is a web application. It means you can use it online via any browser convenient for you. What’s more, it works on any device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. This tool connects to any printer, works with blank check stock and any other type of paper. It all allows you to create checks anytime, anywhere, even from the comfort of your home.
Clients in the USA
Smooth and intuitive interface of the web app
Seconds to create your first check!

Client Reviews

jeremy j.
Jeremy J.
Event manager
client stars
“Like many of my colleagues, I prefer to get paid with checks. Our accountant used to write payroll checks by hand, but I suggested using CHECKPRINT. I’ve been using this tool for several months now, and I think it saves a lot of time. My accountant told me the same. So now it’s her favorite tool for printing checks!”
kary a.
Kary A.
Sales coordinator
client stars
“I use checks quite often, but I do not order checkbooks anymore. I bought a monthly subscription from CHECKPRINT, and it is perfect for me! I can generate unlimited checks of any type, and the price I pay per month is several times cheaper than that of other similar tools.”
helen p.
Helen P.
client stars
“With CHECKPRINT, I get business checks printed in minutes! It’s such a time and money saver because I can generate checks on the go and send them by email to my boss. Moreover, all the checks are stored in my account, so I can track expenses and easily attach copies to financial reports.”
james h.
James H.
Retired military
client stars
“I used to order checks from Citibank, but I always had to go to the local branch. Thanks to CHECKPRINT, I can print Citibank checks at home myself. I no longer waste time going to the bank and standing in line.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding CHECKPRINT and printing Citibank checks, read the FAQ questions below. We hope it will help you get a complete picture of the service.
Where can I print a check from Citibank if I don’t have a printer?
You can print a Citibank check at your office, print shop, office supply store, or local public library. You can also ask a friend or family member if they have a printer.
Do I need a credit card to register with CHECKPRINT?
No, you don’t. The CHECKPRINT registration is free and only requires your name and email address.
Can I preview my Citibank check before printing it?
Absolutely. CHECKPRINT has a preview option for checking information and design.
Can I print a check without a date?
In theory, you can, but it won’t be valid. For the check to be valid, it should include 4 things: check number, date, payee, and amount. That’s why CHECKPRINT made the check date field an obligatory one.
How long will I have access to my checks?
If you buy a paid subscription, your checks will be saved for the entire subscription duration. If you choose pay-per-check credits or create a free account, your checks will be stored for 30 days.


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