Personal Checks

Print Personal Checks Instantly Online On-Demand
on Blank Stock Papers Using Your Own Regular Printer.

CHECKPRINT has made generating checks easier for you! No checkbooks, no complicated procedures, no time-wasting. You can now create personal checks online yourself in just 10 seconds and print them from any printer.

Generate my check!
Print Personal Checks Instantly Online On-Demand
on Blank Stock Papers Using Your Own Regular Printer.

What Does CHECKPRINT Offer?

CHECKPRINT is a simple solution that can change the way you handle your check paperwork. Using this tool, you can generate and print personal checks to pay for your groceries, taxes, car or apartment rentals, utilities, gardening services, etc. Create valid checks to reimburse other individuals and pay public or private institutions.

This instrument saves you time writing checks manually and money on ordering them from banks or buying old- fashioned checkbooks. It works on computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, so you can use it on any convenient device. What’s more, all the documents you create within CHECKPRINT are stored in your account, protected by dual-factor authentication. Thus, you can track your expenses and be sure your sensitive personal information is kept safe and secure.

By choosing CHECKPRINT, you’ll be able to:
  • Make valid personal checks without watermarks
  • Create custom checks using several design options
  • Print your own personal checks in a few clicks both on blank check stock or simple white paper
  • Send your documents by email
  • Choose the pricing plan that suits your particular situation

How to Make a Personal Check with CHECKPRINT?

Creating printable personal checks using CHECKPRINT is quick and easy. Here are 3 simple steps to generate your first personal check:
Enter Check Values

For the check to be accepted by the bank, it must contain the following information:

  • Check number
  • Check date
  • Amount
  • Payee’s name

If needed, you can add a payee address and memo to provide payment details. Although these fields are optional, such data can make your check look more professional.

Choose Bank Account

If you write checks manually, you have to indicate your name, bank, routing number, account number on each check each time. However, using CHECKPRINT, you only need to enter this information once when you set up your bank account. After that, you simply select the suitable option from the drop-down menu.

Generate Your Check

CHECKPRINT offers 3 templates: top, middle, and bottom. Choose the one that works for you and generate a preview.

That’s all! Your first personal check is ready! You can save it in PDF format, print it, and even send it by email.


CHECKPRINT brings many benefits, but you can really appreciate them by testing this tool. In addition to creating high-quality checks that fully comply with 8000+ US banks standards, this web app is known for:
CHECKPRINT Saves Your Time
On average, it takes a person about 10 minutes to write one check. It may not sound like much. However, if there is a chance to make a check in 10 seconds, why not use it? You will have at least 9 minutes and 50 seconds that can be better spent.
CHECKPRINT Saves Your Money

With CHECKPRINT, you no longer need to buy checkbooks. Moreover, you do not have to order checks from banks and pay for them to be shipped by mail or delivery service.

Using this tool, you can buy a subscription and create unlimited checks or pay per certain number using credits. Whichever option you choose, it will cost you less than other similar tools. Moreover, CHECKPRINT has no hidden fees.

CHECKPRINT Saves Your Nerves
Paperwork can be stressful, even if it’s just check-related. When filling out a check by hand, you need to stay focused and be very careful to avoid mistakes. Otherwise, your check can be invalid. However, due to CHECKPRINT’s easy-to-use editor, you can simply choose the relevant information from the drop-down or quickly correct the entered data.
100,000+ clients from all over the USA have already chosen CHECKPRINT. Join them and let us change your perception of check writing.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Jane K.
“I use checks every day in my work and occasionally for my personal payments. CHECKPRINT covers both these for me with its pricing plans. I like that CHEKPRINT’s team thinks about clients and their needs and provides different options.”
James D.
Office Assistant
“CHECKPRINT is the best check writing tool I have ever used. It generates checks quickly and easily. It’s much cheaper than other online writers and more cost-effective than buying checkbooks.”
Helen D.
“I was looking for an instant personal check printing instrument because I’m the kind of person who does not want to waste time on things they can do in seconds. So choosing CHECKPRINT was a great decision. Now I can print my checks on any printer, using any paper.”
Robert R.
“Checkbooks are an old-school way of writing checks. I myself used them for a long time, but then I decided to find a more modern replacement. CHECKPRINT became that for me. Using it, I can create unlimited checks online for my business and personal needs.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We answered some of the most popular questions to make sure you get the most from your CHECKPRINT experience.
Can I make a blank personal check to fill it out later?
Yes. With CHECKPRINT, you can generate standard, blank, and voided checks. You just need to mark the relevant checkbox on the dashboard in your account. A blank check will contain your bank details and empty payee and amount fields that you can fill out when needed. Your voided check will also have your financial information, but it will have a “Void” watermark on it.
What customization option does CHECKPRINT offer?
CHECKPRINT supports personalized check printing in several ways:
  • You can specify not only your information but also the complete payee data (name, address, etc.);
  • You can add your logo or company emblem when setting up your bank account;
  • You can choose the top, middle, or bottom template for your check, depending on the payment purpose.
Moreover, if you have official letterhead, you can use it to print your check.
Does CHECKPRINT work only for personal checks printing?
Of course not. This tool is absolutely perfect for both personal and professional needs. It can be used by accountants, bookkeepers, business owners, everyone who works with checks regardless of their fields of activity.
What is the MICR line, and will I have it on my checks?
The MICR line is a technology used by banks and other financial institutions to process checks and other documents. You will have your bank routing number and account number typed using MICR font.
What is the difference between personal checks generated via CHECKPRINT and the ones ordered from a bank?
There is no difference. You can make your own personal checks with CHECKPRINT and be sure American banks will accept them because our product meets all the required standards. The only thing that’s different is the time you spent on getting your check from a bank. It can take days or even weeks, while with CHECKPRINT, you’ll need less than a minute.

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