Business Checks

Print Business Checks Instantly Online On-Demand
Using a Regular Printer at Your Office.

Is check writing an inconvenience for your business? We have a simple and effective solution for your needs. No more worrying about where your checkbook is, wasting hours to update information, or paying visits to the bank. It only takes CHECKPRINT, blank check stock or simple white paper, and a couple of minutes of your time. You can print business checks online whenever you need them, using any printer you can find.

Get my Business check!
Print Business Checks Instantly Online On-Demand
Using a Regular Printer at Your Office.

What You Can Get From CHECKPRINT

Modern problems require modern solutions, and CHECKPRINT is one of them. Businesses need to look professional in the eyes of their customers. Unfortunately, with traditional check-writing, it can sometimes be complicated. Business owners usually are the ones to guarantee steady payroll, employee benefits, and regular contractor payments. Being constantly prepared for that might be challenging without proper business check printing software like CHECKPRINT.

We offer you a professional check-printing solution for your business needs. CHECKPRINT is a fast and convenient way to create custom checks that are valid for over 8000 American banks. It is a perfect solution for busy business people who want to create cheap and professional-looking checks on the go.

Here’s what makes CHECKPRINT so unique:
  • Unlimited amount of checks for printing
  • 100% bank approved checks, regardless of the design or printing method
  • All data is kept in users’ accounts so that they can track their checks anytime they want
  • Transparent and affordable pricing policy with several plans to choose from and no hidden charges
  • Double authentication for the best possible account protection

How to Create a Business Check Online With CHECKPRINT

Using CHECKPRINT requires just a couple of simple steps, detailed below. Try it yourself and print business checks at home straight away.
Create an Account

Don’t worry. You won’t have to download anything on your computer or smartphone. To create a CHECKPRINT account, you will only be required to fill out a short form providing your name, email address, and password.

Enter Bank Account Information

For your check to follow all legal standards, it should show your bank information. To make this possible, you have to add it to your account manually. To proceed, press the “Add Bank Account +” button, which will lead you to the page with the fill-out form.

The information needed includes the following:

  • Your bank’s name
  • Its routing number
  • Your account number within this bank

You can also provide your bank’s address, name, and account fraction, but this information is optional.

Even if your plan is small business check printing, it is nevertheless a good idea to add your company’s logo to your checks. Customized checks with a logo will make your business look more trustworthy to your clients.

Generate Your First Business Check

First, you will need to select a blank check type and press the “Start +” button. Then choose a date for your check and assign it with a number. Finally, by pressing the “Confirm” button, you will save your check and be able to print it.

To print your own business checks, press the “Generate Preview” button and select your account and check type. It will allow you to see a pre-printed version of your check, send it by email, save as a PDF file, or print it.


Technological solutions are now ruling the world. If you integrate CHECKPRINT into your daily workflow, you will make the check printing process a lot easier for yourself. Here are some of its biggest benefits.
It Is Fast
Remember all that stress from manually filling out bank information on your checks? Trying not to misspell the company or bank name or any of the numbers. With CHECKPRINT, you can forget about all that. It only takes a couple of clicks to add your bank information to the check, and you will only have to provide it once. From that moment on, you will be able to choose the proper bank information from a drop-out list while creating a check.
It Is Convenient
Ordering checks from the bank usually requires a wait time for approval. With CHECKPRINT, you can print the check immediately after you’ve created it. What’s more – you can use any paper you like, even blank check stock. You can also choose any printer.
It Is Affordable
CHECKPRINT offers its clients the lowest rates and no hidden fees among all similar solutions on the market. In addition, the pricing is very simple – a client either pays for a monthly or yearly plan or buys the necessary number of checks.
It Protects Your Data
For our clients to feel safe, we added dual authentication for every account. Stripe payments also protect each transaction, so you can easily use CHECKPRINT for corporate needs.
It Allows Customization
Mobile and desktop versions of CHECK- PRINT offer the same personalized approach. For example, you can add your company’s logo to the check, brand image, your company’s address, or anything else you like. Design your checks to meet your commercial needs!

Our Clients’ Feedback

Vanessa M.
I used to be skeptical about services like CHECKPRINT, but then I used it for the first time. If I had known that I would create checks in minutes, I’d switch to it years ago!
Brad D.
I spend hours each day writing checks for my company, and I sincerely hate it. CHECKPRINT made the whole process so much easier! It’s faster and much more affordable than ordering checkbooks from the bank and filling them out manually.
Richard M
Chief of Security
We often hire contractors for the company’s security needs. However, paying them with checks was a bit exhausting until I found out about CHECKPRINT. Now I spend only a couple of minutes on each check, and there have been zero complaints!
Branda F.
I use CHECKPRINT daily, and it saves me a great deal of my time. It takes me about 20 minutes to print the same number of checks that used to take me all day!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions, we gathered some of the most popular ones below and answered them. Hopefully, it will make your experience with CHECKPRINT even better.
Can I create checks with my smartphone?
Absolutely. CHECKPRINT works flawlessly on any type of device.
Are Pay-Per-Check Credits more affordable than yearly subscriptions?
If you’re planning on using CHECKPRINT regularly, it is best to purchase a yearly plan which will cost you less in the long run.
For how long will my checks be stored in my account?
For our free users, checks are kept in their accounts for 30 days. If you purchase a monthly or yearly package, they will be stored forever.
How many bank accounts can I link to CHECKPRINT?
The system allows you to have 1 bank account on a free subscription, 2 accounts on the “Start” plan, and 10 accounts on the “Professional” plan.
Where can I create voided checks?
Just press the “VOID” button at the end of the form while creating a standard check.

What Else CHECKPRINT Has to Offer

We care about our clients, which is why we always try to come up with ways of making their lives easier. Below you can find some useful information regardless of your business type or industry.